Wednesday, August 18, 2010

167 - Go EAST

You head EAST and enter the next room. A large VAULT DOOR is built into the back wall, leading to an IMPREGNABLE VAULT filled with UNIMAGINABLE WEALTH. You try to imagine it, but you fail for obvious reasons. Let's just say it's a METRIC CRAP-TON of WEALTH. Maybe you can ask the GRIZZLED WARRIOR about it later. He seems to know... things... about STUFF.

There's a WINDOW over there, too. Hopefully there isn't one of those in the VAULT. That would be a serious design flaw.

But you don't have time to check out any of this in further detail, despite the strangely verbose description here, because ahead of you is a BATTERED CANDIMP, his HELM and SPEAR discarded after a long hard battle, wherein his ALLIES were all killed, just as his ENEMIES were dispatched. Breathing heavily, wounded, he stands proud of his victory.

You're behind him. His day is not going to get any better.

And speaking of days not getting any better, let's check in on TED THE FORMER GUARD for a second!

Huh. Well, since you don't know about him turning into a ZOMBIE from that GREEN NECROMANCY POTION you poured on him, just ignore that, OK? Focus! What are you gonna do about that little RED DEVIL in the VAULT ROOM?

>Place HAND gently on IMP'S SHOULDER


Mike R said...

fist+head = you do the math. pick up spear. also, helmet,if it doesnt turn to ash. equip on padington.

Unknown said...

INTERROGATE the CANDIMP by dangling him out the window.

(Then check the eye of the guard by the window? He looks like a cyborg).

Nash said...

Combine spear and vevuzuela to make giant blowgun for Paddington.

Preg the vault!

Shar said...

Try a few regular expressions on the vault, for kicks. Kick it, too, for, y'know, kicks.

If neither of those work, promise the CANDIMP some VAST WEALTH if he uses his head to break the door open.