Tuesday, August 10, 2010

162 - Broach STRANGE TOPIC

You decide to steer the topic towards something that's been bothering you for ages. Technically, for over 150 years (though you don't actually know that).

CAD: So, have you seen a Duck around here anywhere?
CD: A... what?
CAD: A Duck, white, like, has an orange beak? Red eye? Little smaller than Pad-Bro-Pad here?
CD: What are you talking about?
GW: Are you daft, son?
CAD: No, no, like, just listen. So, there's this Duck.
CD: . . . .
GW: . . . and?
CAD: And it, like, follows me around and stuff? Sometimes it steals things? Look, I think it's out to get me.
CD: . . . OK.
CAD: So, have you seen it? I mean, it might be trying to kill us all. Bite us. Like, to death. Dead dead.
CD: Ducks don't have teeth, wizard.
CAD: How do you know? Maybe it's just this Duck! It's been following me around forever, I think. I'm not sure, of course, 'cause whenever I look it disappears.
GW: You. Are. Daft.
CD: Is there a point to this? To be purr-fectly frank, I'm not seeing one.
CAD: It's a Duck!
GW: There is no duck. You're getting off track, stupid fool. Are we going to attack?
CD: Or talk some more? As long as you don't purr-sist with this dumb duck line of questioning, I'm still willing to chat.



Mike R said...

/ask why castle is being attacked. wait for long winded response. then bull rush his purring face with your awesome fists.

Unknown said...

Yeah. Now that you've hopefully given him some int damage, prepare to shield bash.

Obes said...

Attack with the battle cry "RUN AWAY!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Lull him into a false sense of security by asking questions then surprise attack. Shield bash to the face ftw.