Monday, August 16, 2010

165 - Finish HIM

CAD: Any last words? Or dog got your tongue?
CD: You... fool. My brother will end you--- wait, don't you mean "cat" got your tongue?
CAD: What?
CD: I--- you--- just do it, wizard.
CAD: Fine.

CAD: See you in purgatory!

With a final, deadly shield bash, the CAT DEMON turns to a pile of bloody dust. It looks like the GRIZZLED WARRIOR has finished off the other LITTLE DEMON GUYS.

GW: Well, wizard, that was a pretty snappy one-liner, there, working in the "purr" thing.
CAD: What are you talking about?
GW: Purr-gatory? That has both that "purr" that he kept working with, and "gato," which is Spanish for "cat."
CAD: I have no idea what you're talking about.
GW: . . .
CAD: . . .
GW: You know what, let's just move on, shall we?



Mike R said...

take cat hat and wizard staff. maybee the cat ears make a set of molars for padinton? not shure if he needs them.

Anonymous said...

Paddington is already a Hippo(with horn) because of the beer bong/vuvuzela, so the molars may not be needed.

Throw some green potion on the injured castle guards to return them to health and move on to saving the queen!

Unknown said...

Try to get the orbs from his staff to orbit you, Ioun Stone style. Get Bonuses from them!