Tuesday, August 17, 2010

166 - Loot, Use GREEN POTION on CORPSE

You scoop up the floaty GLOBE THINGS and hover them around your HAT, something only a WIZARD could do, surely. Dang it, you are totally a WIZARD, aren't you? Lame. When you went LARPing with ALAN that one (AND ONLY) time, you learned that MAGES, ROGUES, and CLERICS suck. FIGHTERS are the only cool ones, right? Punch the problem until it is no longer a problem! Repeat as needed! But no, apparently you're a freaking MAGE. If RHYS saw you in this HAT, casting spells, he'd never let it go. Back to the FLOATY THINGS, you have no idea if they're giving you any SWEET BONUSES or not. Come to think of it, how many HIT POINTS do you have? You're a WIZARD, so you're probably squishy....


And besides, you're down to just over half of your MANA left. Apparently, each of your three SHIELD BASHES used two and--- wait, wouldn't that make 14 left? Gah, math. Whatever.

You rip off the CAT DEMON'S HORN THINGS from his HAT (which didn't turn to dust) and fit them easily into PADDINGTON'S MOUTH. Now he's a STUFFED HIPPO (WITH HORN AND GOLD TEETH). Awesome!

Now that you have time, you decide to attend to the dead guys. Your GREEN POTION should do the trick! Because nothing says MEDICAL EXPERTISE like RANDOM POTION DUMPING!


This one's for all your homies on the other side. You pour.

So... no dice.

CAD: Huh. I thought that would do something.
GW: If you're done disrespecting my fallen soldier's bodies, can we move on?
CAD: Yeah, I guess.

Disappointed, you depart through the DOORWAY to the right, scooping up the 16 VARIOUS MONIES from the CAT DEMON as you pass.



Andrew said...

So, what's in the next room?

Mike R said...

dead soldiers, wounded cadimps, and a huge awesome door with an Impossibly complex lock leading the the VAST WEALTH of the castle. And there is no hope of ever actually seeing this VAST WEALTH.

Unknown said...

Things so interesting, you'll never turn around and see the effects of the necromancy-potion you just poured on the dead soldiers!

Shar said...

There are some cows being prepped on catapults. "Feche la vache!"