Wednesday, August 4, 2010

157 - Use MAGIC, punch PUZZLE

You use your MAGIC MARKER to magic the heck out of your FISTS. You don't need a weapon if you've got these beauties.

If you've learned anything from your experiences, it's that SCIENCE is a load of HORSE CRAP. Sure, ALAN could probably deduce that the POWER BOX isn't grounded, the LASERS are not supposed to be active and the whole thing is some sort of COMPLICATED BUT FULFILLING TRAP that triggers when the whole ordeal short-circuits. But you're not ALAN, and you hate SCIENCE.

You have the WIZARD HAT.

You have the MAGIC MARKER.

You have...


You smash the WALL behind the PUZZLE with your MAGIC FINGERS.


Just... just yeah.

You are just that AWESOME.


Andrew said...

What's on the other side of that wall? You tell me!

Mike said...

Extreme low gravity corridor, full of buttons and levers and toggles and OMG THINGS TO INTERACT WITH.

James said...

we're in a castle setting, so a castle corridor with the guard running to see what that sound was.

Anonymous said...

We used magic, so do we have a mana bar from that potion? Do we have more falcon punches at our disposal or was that a one time thing?