Thursday, August 19, 2010

168 - Place HAND gently on IMP'S SHOULDER

You place your HAND on the LITTLE RED DUDE'S SHOULDER and try to cheer him up.

Then you punch through his SKULL with your FIST and he turns into a pile of DUST.

Looking around the room and seeing a lot of interesting things, you decide that the most pressing matter is to ask about that one guy's CYBORG EYE.

CAD: Hey, what's with that guy's cyborg eye?
GW: Ah. That is a long story for a different time, Wizard. During the last war, many of us were eye-plucked by our vicious foes, though some of us were lucky enough to get cybernetic replacements or other prosthesis. Those were ill times, my lad.

Huh. Well, time to loot!



Anonymous said...

Thats a stealth King Lear reference, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So many eyes lost.

Like reading an R.A. Salvatore novel, or picking a picture in Fallout Tactics.

Either way, waste of good eyes.