Saturday, August 7, 2010

159 - "Oh yeah!"

You gesture towards the HOLE you made in the wall.


The GRIZZLED WARRIOR glances at the hole then back at you.

GW: A cool aid man? Ah, so the Academy finally deigned it necessary to send someone "cool" to aid us in our time of need? Typical. Castle and King are in danger and they send one lone mage to help us out. What's your name?
CAD: I'm--- oh, hey, P-Hip, give me some fanfare! My name is C---
GW: What? What did you say your name was?
CAD: I said, my name is Cad---
GW: Whatever, we don't have time for that right now. Are you up to speed on the situation?
CAD: Of course I am. I'm the great C---
GW: Gah! Have your familiar stop that or he and his stuffing will be soon parted! We've got a whole hoard of Candaemons and monsters assaulting the castle. The King's barricaded in the armory, the Queen is barricaded in the throne room, and the Princess is still in her tower, last I knew. I'm heading after the King, erm, wizard. You coming with me after the King or do you want to see about one of the others?
CAD: What?
GW: Three options: stick with me, get to the King in the Armory; head to the throne room through the kitchens and save the Queen; head up the tower through the thick of the battle and rescue the Princess. What'll it be, uh, whatever you said your name was?

>Choose QUEEN


Jaimie said...

Forget the princess, she's always in another castle anyway. Go to the Queen. She's just an older model princess anyway.

Anonymous said...

also, there is probably food in the kitchen. delicious food.