Monday, August 9, 2010

161 - Begin PARLEY

Quickly, you order PADDINGTON to use his VEVUZELA if the CAT DEMON tries to cast anything. You also scribble a new spell on your hands, hopefully bringing up a SHIELD by casting "NICK FURY." Preparations hastily complete, you decide to PARLEY.

CAD: Yo, cat demon! What's up?
GW: Wait, you know he's a candaemon and you still want to talk? What's wrong with you? We have royalty to save!
CD: Purr-haps the wizard is wise enough for beg for his life?
GW: Huh? Naw, that's not what I was gonna do.
CD: No? Not trying to purr-chase your freedom? Fine, then. I'm purr-fectly willing to chat for a moment. What's on your mind, such as it is?


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Unknown said...

Redirect the conversation towards the bigger evil in the castle, the DUCK.