Tuesday, August 24, 2010

173 - Cast WAVE POOL!

It's not very effective...
(Since they're on an upper floor with only a railing separating them from a big opening to below.)
Aquatic Creatures gain a +0 Bonus!
WAVE POOL uses 2 Mana! (11/25 Mana)

Candimp (1) deals 4 damage to Cad!
Cad is at 12/18 HP!

Paddington deals 6 damage to Candimp (1)!

Candimp (2) attacks Paddington!
Candimp (2) misses!

Cyborg Candimp deals 9 damage to Grizzled Warrior!
The Grizzled Warrior is at ??/?? HP!

Grizzled Warrior deals 12 damage to Cyborg Candimp!


Mike R said...

/cast Magic freaking missile cause every wizard has it. do this from as far away as possible cause DAMN your a freaking squishy mage as feared!

Unknown said...

But mike, MAGIC MISSILE wouldn't fit on his knuckles! GLOW BOLT perhaps...

Or... Try STAB WARD, to protect against spears!

Mike R said...

a damn good point.

Nash said...


And what happens now that hippo has shot his spear? Can he bit them with gold fangs?

Shar said...

Use GRIZZLED WARRIOR's SHINY METAL ARMOR to reflect the next LASER BOLT back at the IMP with CYBORG EYE, despite GRIZZLED WARRIOR's disgruntled protest.