Monday, August 23, 2010

172 - Go EAST

You head EAST and arrive in VERY LARGE ROOM decorated in a kind of NOUVEAU MEDIEVAL STYLE, based loosely on NEO-CASTELLAN REVIVAL SENSIBILITIES, merged with a DISTINCTIVE FAUX-"JE NE SAIS QUOI" that speaks volumes about the designers' OBJECTIVES and SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT.

However, you don't have time for any of that CRAP. Little IMP GUYS infest this portion of the room as well, three of them (that you can see). Two of them are accosting a noble TEDDY WHALE (who bears a PURSE and a STRING OF PEARLS) while a third, watching with a CYBORG EYE from the stairs above, has spotted YOU and your PARTY. He bellows to his CRONIES to prepare a suitable DEATH for you. The poor STUFFED SEA CREATURE, being a rough approximation of a NORMAL SEA CREATURE, seems quite unable to defend herself on LAND (or CASTLE FLOOR, as the case may be (and is)).

She mews at you miserably.

(PADDINGTON, blessed with a remarkable sense of smell, determines from the WHALE'S PHEROMONES that she is (sniff, sniff)... afraid, but also (sniff, sniff)... rich, single, and... (sniff, sniff, sniff) emotionally available. And you know, in the right light... she might even be cute....)



Mike R said...

Padington vs lower cadimp, you = fist vs middle cadimp, grizzled old man vs cyborg cadimp. triple threat, GO!

Unknown said...

Cast WAVE POOL, giving the TEDDY WHALE and HIPPO the aquatic advantage!