Wednesday, August 11, 2010


CAD: OK, OK, OK, dog. How's about this: why are you attacking the castle, cat dog?
CD: Ah, good question. Hopefully it will help me recover from that duck nonsense.
GW: Wizard, we don't have time for this.
CAD: Shh, man. Just... shh.
CD: It's fairly straightforward, really. By some purr-verse twist of fate, the King has actually managed to establish a functional government here in the north, completely separate from, yet at peace with, Purr-sident Rapsknuckle's government down in Central. The people up here are happy, basically, despite the constant danger and purr-el. Now, our evil daemon purr-view would rather see the people killed, their animals dead, and their meager inventories purr-loined. It's our hope that if the King is killed, the common purr-ception will be that no one here is safe, possibly creating an increase of unease of at least 45 purr-cent. So, under flag of truce, we began our purr-fidious attack, some of our soldiers entering while the rest established a purr-imeter to keep anyone from escaping. Our siege weapons began their purr-cussive strikes on the wall at the same instant our daemons inside attacked the purr-sonell guarding them, simple since the guards had been purr-suaded to purr-mit our daemons to retain their purr-sonal effects and weapons. I must say, the literal backstabbing is a nice purr-k of being a daemon. Since you may be curious, the Queen and Princess are only purr-iferal to our plans, but we'll probably be sure they purr-ish... perish as well. To summarize, we want this kingdom to fail. Purr-manently. So as you can see---


>Continue the ASSAULT


Obes said...

kick em in the NADGERS and then SHIELD BASH him again!

Nash said...

Have PADDINGTON headbutt him in the NADGERS while you continue SHIELD bashing! Stay on target!

Unknown said...

Send him to Purr-gatory!