Thursday, March 31, 2011

300 - Take a SIDEBAR with COUNCIL

You tell the CAPTAIN that you need a moment and drag LT. M BISON downstage for some advice. He is wise beyond his years (or year? Day?). Thankfully, it appears he is quite well prepared for this discussion.

According to his CHART, it appears you can... hmm... OK, can't just become PIRATE QUEEN directly. The CHART seems to be changing on that, from the plan being possible to impossible. Weird. That... really should be possible... right? In any case, the LIEUTENANT seems to think that you can still become PIRATE QUEEN by helping any of the three CAPTAINS win the election. He assumes the CAPTAIN McBEARD will make you a similar offer as the ones presented by STEELWOOD and MANBREATH. Once you aid any of them, BISON posits, you will be in a position to eventually become PIRATE QUEEN, possibly by betraying whoever you end up helping. They would curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Playing them off of each other may weaken them and make it easier, sure, but if it was easy enough to just become the LEADER then someone else would have done it by now! Maybe you can get the NINJAS to help you? Man... it's all so complex... so very needlessly complex....

That pirate version of you in the picture is pretty stylish. You gotta get some new DUDS.

It's too bad that you have absolutely no idea if any of your FRIENDS are alive. Well, aside from that ONE GUY who snubbed you in the UNDERWATER BASE. You could use some backup here if you're going to take over the WORLD (which, according to the giant, detailed MAP to the right, is pretty big).

OK. So, back on topic. You thank LT. BISON for his guidance and return to CAPTAIN MANBREATH THREEPLANK.

JET: I accept your sidequest and wish you well, studly captain!
MANBREATH: Excellent! I look forward to working with you. It's nice to find someone I can trust.
JET: And you can definitely trust me implicitly!
MANBREATH: Excellent again! I must be off. Someone else may be in charge of the island's defense, but I have my own small part to play, as well as seeing to my election campaign quest!
JET: That sounds exciting.
MANBREATH: Oh, it is. If you need me for anything, some of my men are posted on guard duty around town. They'll convey any messages to me. Feel free to use any means at your disposal to undermine my opponents--- but pretty please don't kill anyone. Good luck!

The CAPTAIN and his MEN leave the PORT AUTHORITY.

>Examine MAP


Anonymous said...


Nixa said...

I concur, EXAMINE MAP.

wait... where'd the rifle go?

obes said...

grab tiny device on 2nd filing cabinet from the left, THEN examine map while talking to bureaucrat.

Anonymous said...

Definitely examine the MAP.

Chaud said...

Grab device on second cabinet, find out where ninja being held held from bureaucrat also find out where third candidate is just so you can say you talked to all three man are you politically aware.

chrisleech said...

definately find the third captain after talking to the bureaucrat and his son also chec tiny device on top of the filing cabinet