Monday, March 14, 2011


You put the SODA and COCONUT HALVES into your pockets and head over to read the BULLETIN BOARD. You summarize. The main development around here seems to be the assassination of the PIRATE LORD of the SOUTH, SILVER JIM PEGBEARD. Killed by agents of the INVISIBLE SHOGUN. One has been captured, now held in the PRISON. This is basically all the same stuff that the one GUARD by the LIGHTHOUSE told you.

Oh, this is new! Apparently, they're already beginning the process of picking the next PIRATE LORD! That's pretty quick. Maybe they have a high turnover rate? Only PIRATE CAPTAINS who have proven their METTLE can vote in the elections (and you're, sadly, not a PIRATE CAPTAIN). There are three main CANDIDATES for the job listed on the BOARD. Each has a short blurb about their QUALITIES, along with a SKETCH.

The first CANDIDATE, to the left, is known for his GREAT STRENGTH and PROWESS IN BATTLE. A bit on the rough side, he's a PIRATE TRADITIONALIST and has been a long time advocate for stronger action against the EAST.

The second CANDIDATE, to the right, represents the ADVENTURER PIRATES. Charming and clever, he generally tries to resolve problems peacefully, using careful DIALOG OPTIONS and INVENTORY ITEMS. He's long favored extending a DIPLOMATIC HAND toward the EAST for reconciliation.

The third CANDIDATE, to the left, is known as a RUTHLESS PRAGMATIST. Currently in charge of CORSAIR ISLE'S defenses, his knowledge and skill in STRATEGY and NAVAL TACTICS are second to none. While he has a reputation as a difficult man to work with, his abilities are never in doubt. His stance on relations with the EAST are unclear.

These guys seem like the leaders right now. Maybe one (or more) of them would have WORK for you?

Hmm. Their names are listed here, but they're... kind of hard to read... or something. You'll read them, out loud, next turn. So what are their names?

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Anonymous said...

Drink 1UP SODA

Mike R said...

Grimbeard, Guybreath Threeplank, Jones McCraken

Anonymous said...

Sweaterbeard, Humperdink Manchild, Bailey Hayes

brenderlin said...

Cross one out and fill in YOUR NAME. then quickly find a way to obtain a PIRATE SHIP, and name yourself CAPTAIN. Then run an extensive SMEAR CAMPAIGN on the OTHER CANDIDATES, leading to your SURE and DECISIVE VICTORY as PIRATE LORD.

Anonymous said...

Smitty "Longjohn" McFinklestien

Anonymous said...

Candidate number 1-Bill "HawHaw" McGregor
Candidate number 2-Calvin "BigHead" McPherson
Candidate number 3-James "Ironman" Smith

Anonymous said...

Strong support of pirate #2 being a pun on a leading role lucasarts character.

Anonymous said...

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