Monday, March 7, 2011

286 - Go NORTH, finally!

You are standing in front of a LIGHTHOUSE on a BEACH. Two MEN with BADGES stand beside a small FIRE, watching as you approach. A small ROWBOAT is tied to a POST in the SAND, and its OARS lie nearby. On the LIGHTHOUSE itself, two RED CANDLES give off a little bit of light, the one on the right dripping RED HOT RED WAX onto a wooden CRATE. You can also see some ROCKS, a CRAB, and a BUCKET (filled with WATER).

Your friend M. BISON hides in the FOLIAGE to the UPPER LEFT, providing overwatch.

The SHOELESS MAN gestures for you to stop.

SM: Yar, I be sorry, ma'am, but the lighthouse be closed. Please r'turn to yar home.

>Query for location


Anonymous said...

Talk like a pirate

CageyJay said...

Hmm. There has to be something we can do with the wax and the bucket.

Ask where you are, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Explain that you no longer have a home. Ask if you can get a job from their pirate boss.