Tuesday, March 8, 2011

287 - Query for LOCATION

JET: Um, yar. I... be a little lost. Where am I?
SM: What? Have ye been sleeping with the fishes? This be Corsair Isle, the capital of the South! Unfortunately, the island be under martial law right now.
JET: What? Why?
SM: Yar, 'tis sad. Our Pirate Lord, Silver Jim Pegbeard, was taken out by some of those blighted ninja from the East. Our forces be currently working to eliminate pockets of them--- they be wreckin' bloody havoc around the island! Everything's a bloody mess.
JET: Is that why the lighthouse is closed?
SM: Aye. We fear enemy forces may try to shut 'er down and cackle as our ships ram the shore.
JET: That would be bad.
SM: Aye. I've heard our forces captured at least one o' the blighters, though. Yar.... 
JET: Look, um, I'm kind of between... everythings at the moment. Any chance your boss might have a job for me?
SM: Well, you don't seem like a bad lot. I'm sure one o' them could find something for you, especially with tonight's skerfluffle! They be all back in town if ya' want to find 'em. No hurry, though. Feel free to loit'r here as long as you want, but don't touch the lighthouse, yeah? We'd have to stick ya with our bloody sharp swords. Sorry. 'Tis our job, ma'am.

>Head to TOWN


Anonymous said...

Head into TOWN.

Anonymous said...

Ask them if they know how to open cocoanuts.