Wednesday, March 2, 2011

283 - Take INVENTORY

The last thing you remember... you had just raced down a very DANGEROUS HALLWAY and managed to get into a BATHYSPHERE mere moments before an explosion. You may have... bumped your head. Really, really hard. What happened after the explosion? You can't remember anything. You must have been knocked unconscious.

You stand up (which kind of hurts) and move to check your friends. LIEUTENANT M. BISON gets up almost immediately. He seems to be in pain, but he's a trooper. He's a real trooper. The MOUSE is also OK, as is his EASY CHAIR (but his small TELEVISION, it seems, has been a casualty). You also pick up your STYLIZER (the HAIRDRYER + SWORD) and very carefully start drying yourself off with it.

Looking around, you are on a sandy BEACH beside a thick JUNGLE on a clear, moonless night. Next to you is some DRIFTWOOD and a small TURTLE (who seems bound and determined to make it to the SEA). Farther NORTH along the shore is a LIGHTHOUSE. Near its base, it looks like some MEN with a FIRE and a BOAT or something.

Exits are NORTH (toward the LIGHTHOUSE), WEST (down a well-marked trail into the JUNGLE), SOUTH (down the dark, empty BEACH) or EAST (into the OCEAN, which is included just for the sake of completeness).

You'll grab the miniature EASY CHAIR and HOSE momentarily, but for now, what do you do next?

>Ride the Bison NORTH


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ride the bison north to the lighthouse

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Go north use feminine charms to try to get a free meal and if that doesnt work have Lt M Bison attack from them from behind non lethally