Thursday, March 10, 2011

289 - Go WEST, open COCONUT

You head EAST to the edge of TOWN, ready to crack open your COCONUT with the STYLIZER. This should prove easy enough.

You crack open your COCONUT with the STYLIZER. It proved easy enough.

What the heck...?


A... NINJA(?) appears out of the COCONUT and looks around momentarily before examining you. Without a word, he hands you a CAN OF 1UP SODA before disappearing in a puff of SMOKE.

Sweet! Soda! This should be--- aw, seriously?

It's cranberry flavored? Bah. Stupid ninja fruit.


This has been an... odd turn of events.

>Check MAP?


Anonymous said...

Drink the 1up soda, then check the bulletin board behind you.

Jen said...

Give the 1 UP CRANBERRY! to the duck.

Nixa said...

What DUCK? Seriously, we're getting off track.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Inhale the SMOKE

CageyJay said...

Ooh! New isometric angle. Nice!

Concurred: Check the BULLETIN BOARD.
Or (if we don't perceive the BOARD yet) examine surroundings.

Hmm... we need to update the ninja types on TVTropes. This may be a new one.

Unknown said...

Read Board to North(?)

Anonymous said...

I guess the Soda Wars are everywhere! If the ninjas are aligned with 1UP Soda, do the Pirates have an alignment? If so, Soda Ads will be everywhere. Put 1UP Soda into Inventory and Check Bulletin Board.

Chican said...

Gather COCONUT HUSK. (I sense the future application of a SWALLOW JOKE.)