Wednesday, March 16, 2011

292 - Panic, Attack!

Your petty vandalism must have angered the locals! Ahhh! You spin around and lash out at the PIRATES with your STYLIZER and HOSE, buying time to think of an actual plan. The MOUSE and M. BISON join in with a concerted strike. The PIRATE LEADER steps back and watches the various PARRIES and THRUSTS.

JET: You fight like a dairy farmer!
CAPTAIN: How appropriate. You fight like a... hmm.... Impressive.

The CAPTAIN steps forward and easily disarms you of your HOSE. M. BISON and the MOUSE retreat to your side, though it appears M. BISON has managed to SAVAGELY RAVAGE his target.

CAPTAIN: Jill Elysia Thunderson, I presume?
JET: How do you know that name???
CAPTAIN: You wrote it on the bulletin board.
JET: Um, I thought that was your name!
CAPTAIN: Don't be silly, Jill. I don't do silly.
JET: Who are you?
CAPTAIN: Captain Steelwood Corsair, of the Corsair Isle Corsairs.
JET: Steelwood? I expected Ironwood.
CSC: Iron? No, I'm much more refined.
JET: What do you want?
CSC: You seem like you might be useful to me.
JET: Useful how?
CSC: So many questions, Jill! Before I tell you what I need from you, tell me something: what is it that you want? I should mention that my family is very rich and very powerful. What are you seeking here on Corsair Isle?

Good question....


Anonymous said...

Ah why wasn't that exchange in the actual conversation there?

As for a turn suggestion, I got nothin' here. Sorry...

Andrew said...

You're right. The exchange has been put back into the conversation.

CageyJay said...

Could go sarcastic and say, "The Wizard of Oz."
Could go semi-truthful and say, "A raison d'etre."
Could go false and say, "A pirate's life."
Could go omniscient and say, "A way to my friends."
Could go Alan-esque and say, "The Barbary Coast."
Could go silly and say, "The Flying Purple Spaghetti Monster." But I don't think Steelwood would put up with silly again.

Someone else (someone NOT on flu medicine) needs to come up with some better options.

Mike R said...

Looking For Answers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No irony, no BS, "I want a job, working for you!"

chrisleech said...

she should say something like "I want to live and fix the problems in the world" or something like that

Anonymous said...

Tell him you seek the Holy Grail, we could use a convienent plot device to help fix dead/dying characters