Tuesday, March 29, 2011

299 - Gather INFORMATION

OK, time to assess the situation. You mentally compile the following information as honestly as possible:
  • Captain Manbreath Threeplank Manipulability Index: 8!
  • Jill Elysia Thunderson Manipulability Index: 8!
  • Election Time Crunch Index: Very low!
Hmm. You analysis indicates that both you and the CAPTAIN are equally matched in your ability to CONTROL and MANIPULATE each other. This could prove worrisome. Your FEMININE WILES give you a decent bonus over a ladies man like him, but his CHARM is second only to... someone who will remain unnamed. Also, it seems like the ELECTION is later than sooner, what with the current NINJA BATTLE CRISIS, so you have a safe margin for whatever you're planning.

JET: That's a nice chest you have there.
MANBREATH: Thank you, I work out.
JET: I meant the one behind you.
MANBREATH: Ah, yes! That's my inventory. I store some of the items I've accumulated over years of adventuring in there.
JET: I could find a good use for that... such as carrying things while I undertake assorted tasks for various people.
MANBREATH: Oh, you're an adventurer, are you?
JET: Why, yes, I am! Are you--- no, you're not an adventurer too, are you?
MANBREATH: I am! What a coincidence! Maybe we can be of use to each other?
JET: Well... I have been looking for some... things... and maybe a sidequest...?
MANBREATH: I have a sidequest I could lend you! You know, if you'd like a chest of your own--- and I'll avoid the obvious remark here ---as well as a lot of inventory items, I could use your help. I'm running for Pirate Lord of the South. There are two other men vying for the job as well: Captain Ironbeard McBeard and Captain Steelwood Corsair. If you were to help me win the election, I could get you whatever esoteric inventory items you could possibly want, in addition to providing various quest assistance in the future. I'd just like your help to get the others out of the race. What do you say?


chrisleech said...

agree to help find the third candidate agree to help him betray them all and become the pirate queen

chrisleech said...

once Jet is pirate queen we will have a pirate army and probably a few inventory chests to do with as we please

Anonymous said...

Offer to deal with the THIRD PIRATE LORD, but not CAPTAIN STEELWOOD. Getting shot in the face kind of hurts.

brenderlin said...


Nixa said...

play the THREE CANDIDATES against EACH OTHER. However, DESTROY the whole PIRATE WORLD by getting INFORMATION to the NINJAS after becoming PIRATE QUEEN.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we worry about becoming PIRATE QUEEN a little later in the game? Keep the PIRATE QUEEN plan in mind, but for now, accept the sidequest, wish the studly captain well, try out the TV REMOTE, make sure the DEVASTATED MAN-CHILD is OKAY, and say HI to his DAD, perhaps not in that order.

Anonymous said...

I bet those henchmen are pretty manipulatable.

chrisleech said...

once you take over the south help cad become king of the north, and have alan take over the east then work someone into ruling the city, congratulations you are ruler of a world government, now you are better prepared to make war with the candaemons and soda factions

CageyJay said...

Oh, good heavens. Andrew pulled the classic conundrum on us.

Let's consult LT. M. BISON. He's wily in the ways of tactics, and might have some good input.