Monday, November 29, 2010

228 - Look at PUDDLE, then UP

Hey, was that PUDDLE there before? You head over, standing directly next to it and looking down, otherwise oblivious to your ENVIRONMENT.

It's some sort of... dark LIQUID. Looks familiar, but you don't really want to put a finger on it. Could it be bl----meh, probably not. Where did it come from? Hmm. Maybe it has something

to do...

with those...



You look UP!



That is the ugliest RECESSED LIGHTING arrangement that you have ever seen. It... it's just terrible. It doesn't match anything else in the room, it's too obtrusive, and it goes against everything that the CROWN MOLDING was working to build. Gah. Ugly.

Anyway, nothing else of interest up there.

Things here seem done so it's time to throw caution to the wind and go EAST. Better bring the HAND TRUCK for.... defensive purposes. Hopefully you have some HAND TRUCK COMBAT SKILLZ. However, that is doubtful.

The HAUNTED HOUSE CONFEDERBOT pipes up as you pass.

CBOT: T-t-t-t-ticket?
RHYS: Tickets? I don't need no tickets! I don't have to show you any stinkin' tickets!

And you book it EAST before the HAUNTED HOUSE CONFEDERBOT can object further. This is obviously the most sensible course of action.


Andrew said...

All right! Sorry about the sporadic update schedule last week. Between a hefty cold, Thanksgiving and--- hmm. OK, just those two, actually. But since things are better in threes: Between a hefty cold, Thanksgiving and my secret mission to the South Pacific, the comic got a bit backlogged. This week, things should be back on track for normal monday through friday updates.

And now for my suggestion suggestion: Rhys is heading to the next room in a haunted house. What's the next room of the attraction?

Mike R said...

The room of artfully arranged severed limbs.

CageyJay said...

Feeling better after that nasty case of dengue fever Some Unnamed Agency forgot to brief you on before sending you on mission, then? Good.

Re: Ugly lights. How true. And they're always pointed directly in the eyes of any waiters who look up, unless one climbs onto the railing and risks getting told off by the staff. Still, Rhys' overwrought horror at the lighting makes me wonder if he was an interior decorator, pre-Darwinian refuge.

Next up: The entrance foyer, with grand staircase, coat closets, and chandelier. And dead vases of flowers?