Tuesday, November 9, 2010

219 - Place COINS in EYES

You close his EYES and make him a bit more presentable. You might not of known him, but he deserves some DIGNITY in death. At least two VARIOUS MONIES' worth of DIGNITY. You resist the urge to say a few words.

On a hunch, you flip the BUSINESS CARD.


Still, ya got another VM burning a hole in your pocket and a AUTOMATIC FORTUNE TELLER whose PRICE is just right. Should you try to speak to the dead with Madame Nadiya's help? What would you even ask the DEAD? With your current level of fiscal liquidity, you only have one shot at this, so whatever it is, better keep it simple. The FORTUNE CARDS these things print aren't exactly the length of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

>Query the DEAD


Unknown said...

Who should I kill?

CageyJay said...

Since Shar's set on talking with the DEAD, yeah, let's try this. Chad's question is a good one, but it would be a pity if MADAM NADIYA channeled lonely Uncle Verne who desperately wants Aunt Martha to join him on the other side. Maybe something more specific: Who does the business card mean "you" should kill?

However, the scene has been giving me flashes of "Evil Dead" (dead professor, hapless hero, guy with a hand cut off, bad weather, strange audio recording on the premises) minus the chainsaw, so perhaps we should ask MADAM NADIYA herself, "What's on the tape?"

Oh! And stand to one side in case MADAM NADIYA's open mouth shoots flames, or something.

Shar said...

Professor Charlemagne Belial, how did you die?

Anonymous said...

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Anonymous said...

How does one capture a non-existent Dungeon-Duck?

Anonymous said...

If someone asks if you're a God, should you say yes?

Anonymous said...

What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

Anonymous said...

Where's that f***ing magic 8-ball?

Anonymous said...

Why did I ever put my contacts back in? The world looked so much more cool and retro without them.

Anonymous said...

Ask, "Should I take a ninja into the HAUNTED HOUSE?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously, though. Where's Teddy?

Andrew said...

Dang. It's too bad I didn't see any of those questions before I did the next post.

I think I can answer a few of those questions here, though:

Speed of an unladen swallow: 24mph.

Duck capture method: Off topic.

Should you say yes: Yes, Ray.

Multiply six by nine: 54.

Eight ball location: In the dark.

Why contacts: They're prescription.

Should I take a ninja: Up to you.

Where's Teddy: Kidnapped!

Seriously, where's Teddy: Boarnapped.