Thursday, November 18, 2010

224 - Listen to VOXCO

OK, much to do! First off, it's time to listen to another VOXCO RECORDING.

You mash play on that JAM BOX. Then rewind. Dang. Who neglects to rewind their AUDIO LOGS? That's just sad, really. You press play again.

"It is with high spirits that my team and I begin our investigation into Colonel Ferris' Haunted House. When I first visited the Colonel a few weeks ago, I was impressed by his obvious technical skill, if not his... somewhat strange rebellious affectations. Still, I'd expect a similarly odd bent from any who had come from our Alma mater; Mount Danforth tends to instill some part or parcel of madness to those within its gates, but... well. I digress.

"His concerns seemed, at first, trivial, mere murmurs and half-hints over strong coffee in his laboratoire. Soon, however, the source of his discomfort became clear. A certain item he had discovered in caves beneath his fort, something he could not define, nor describe, despite having seen it on several unwary occasions. In an unguarded moment, I thought I recognized an expression of mute fear, but it was only for a moment which quickly passed at the warming touch of his drink. But the item, even described in vague and cryptic terms, piqued my interest. Oh, I knew it. I knew it well.

"And here I am. And here we are. Miles was inconsolable when I first insinuated that he would not be coming with me. However, his father the dean presented his case quite unduly forcefully, and he is now here for his... ahem... "field work." Curse the blighted politics of academia! This is no place for a student! But of course, Toblerone is with us, and so we shall be safe. I still marvel sometimes at my mute manservant from the mystical East. He seemed a bit unnerved by the anamatronic imp heads here in the lobby, but I am sure it is naught but a passing (and understandable) folly. So it is we three here, and though I have high hopes for finding the object of my search, the object I have sought for so long now, something nags me. Something... gnaws on the edges of my perception. I will not relish sleeping here. Even my daydreams are... dark.

"But the sun was bright outside as we entered, and I have no reason for such foolish doubts."



Kyle said...

Attempt to activate CONFDERBOT in order to finish the DELIVERY to the GIFT SHOP.

If that fails, go EAST

CageyJay said...

I'm not so certain of that course, Kyle. If Rhys activates the CONFEDERBOT, it might start demanding the 5 VM admission charge that Rhys doesn't have. Perhaps we should read the posted note before inviting combat.

Hopefully Toblerone had the good sense to leave early in this expedition. Miles probably didn't, so Marshall Rhys may be informing the dean of his loss in the near future.

CageyJay said...

Darned if that imp head breaking the fourth wall isn't a little unnerving! It must be possessed by J.S. Mosby.

CageyJay said...

Wait. Is that blood on the floor? Who turned around the hand truck? And did it get darker in here?

Re-examine LOBBY!

Mike R said...

Um. I think we need to seriously invest in some Proton Packs before we do ANYTHING else.