Monday, November 15, 2010

222 - Examine LOBBY

You park the HAND TRUCK and look around the HAUNTED HOUSE LOBBY.

Everything has a red and black motif, like some goth kid's dream room. It's more gloomy than scary, and the word "miasma" just leaps to mind. Gah. COLONEL FERRIS should design a better INTERIOR DECORATOR CONFEDERBOT.

As you entered, you triggered a row of LAUGHING IMP HEADS. Up on a shelf, they're letting loose shrill recorded laughter, accompanied by annoying anamatronic motions. They... are they... are they talking to you? You decide it would be best to pay no attention to the EVIL LAUGHTER RECORDINGS in the lobby.

To sum up: You are in the HAUNTED HOUSE LOBBY. Beside you is your HAND TRUCK, loaded with BOXES OF MULE KICK. A deactivated CONFEDERBOT stands behind a TICKET COUNTER, which indicates that TICKETS cost 5 VARIOUS MONIES. A sign indicates that to the WEST is the GIFT SHOP. The DOOR there is closed with a NOTE tacked on it but there are WINDOWS on either side which look into the room. Another VOXCO recorder sits off to the side. EXITS are WEST to the GIFT SHOP (currently locked), SOUTH to OUTSIDE, and EAST.

>Look through WINDOW


obes said...

listen to the voxco recording, read the note on the door, and ask the confederbot behind the counter to open the door so you can refill the vending machine on the other side

CageyJay said...

Can those IMP HEADS? No...

Obes is right, Rhys needs to listen to the recording, but he should rewind it first. 'T'is shameful, the state in which professors leave their apocalyptic recordings, these days. ;)

Also, look through the GIFT SHOP WINDOW.

Unknown said...

Truthfully, I don't think I've ever seen an tape log get rewound before being played.

But yeah, listen to it, and check the note. And if we can confirm the bot is off for good, check behind the counter for controls/cash drawer.

Shar said...

Those are all good ideas. :)