Tuesday, November 23, 2010

226 - Loiter, eat PRETZELS

Man, it's been forever since you ate something. Thankfully, you grabbed that bag of PRETZELS when you were back behind the COUNTER. You can't... remember grabbing them... actually... but hey, free PRETZELS!

Nom nom nom.

Glancing back there behind the COUNTER, it also looks like you broke the BROOM for some reason. Hmm. Also, you thought you grabbed the SPRAY BOTTLE and LIGHTER, but... apparently not. Just the delicious PRETZELS.

Nom nom nom nom.

Oh, and hey, that weird DRIPPING NOISE stopped when the power came on. Or maybe you can't hear it over the noises of the powered up HAUNTED HOUSE. But it was probably just your IMAGINATION.... That's probably it.

(nom nom nom nom nom)


Obes said...

A temporal rift forms, and for a brief time(about 1 turn) all the major characters, some minor, and some we dont quite know yet, are together at a big table enjoying a turkey(or maybe Mechadinoninjasaur).

happy T-givin everyone.

Andrew said...

I like this. I have tons of unused character art!

DoomSayer said...

Look UP.
Look at PUDDLE.

Anonymous said...

Dude. There went the hearing and spot checks, down to a natural one every time.

Anonymous said...

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