Tuesday, November 2, 2010

214 - Enact AWESOME PLAN

This TRUCK is so sweet that any other QUESTIONS just seem silly. Besides, Njörđr's EXPOSITION BOMB probably needs time to recharge before he can use it again.

You trundle up into the TRUCK CAB while SERGEANT NJÖRÐR explains what his TEAM brings to the rhetorical TABLE.

SN: OK, take this earpiece, it'll let you talk to us whenever you need to give us directions. Remember, there are only four of us, so don't just throw us at every problem. We'll be in the back of the truck, so just figure out how to get through the gate and then do your own thing. We'll be there when you need us.

They hop in the BACK and (presumably) hide. OK. Time to move. It looks like there are GUARDS over there at the ENTRANCE. What will you do when you get there?


Unknown said...

Look less excited. Roll up to the gate.

If/When asked about where "usual driver" is, respond that he was killed for stealing a can of mule kick to feed his starving family.

Ask for a map, with vending locations marked on it, as a way to get the base explained.

obes said...

assume a texan accent and then do what chad said.