Thursday, November 11, 2010

221 - Prepare for INGRESS

So much to do! You start to talk into your EARPIECE to request a RESTOCKING KIT, but, oh, there it is!

RHYS: Oh, hey, thanks for the restocking kit. Talk about ninja efficiency!
SN: Are you talking to me this time?
RHYS: What? Yeah. Anyway, I'm gonna also need one of you guys with me in there. Oh, and if I could get my rubber stopper back, too, that'd be great.
SN: Ah, well, little problem with that. We seem to be... locked in here.
RHYS: What?
SN: The door won't open. We've tried---
RHYS: Then how did the restocking kit and handtruck get out here?
SN: What restocking kit? This door hasn't opened since we got in back outside the fort.
RHYS: . . .
SN: We're working on it, Marshall.
RHYS: . . .

Hmm. OK.

Pressing on. Maybe you should try to get your VARIOUS MONEY back from the FORTUNE TELLING MACHINE. Or just vandalize it.

RHYS: . . .

OK, maybe that was a bad idea. Things aren't going well this turn. With a sigh, you decide to play the VOXCO RECORDING, keeping your finger firmly on the stop button. You brace yourself. What new creepy HORRORS await?

It cuts off abruptly. He was... probably done talking.

You know your trope: it's an APOCALYPTIC LOG. You can only imagine more await inside.

And really, that's the only place to go at this point, isn't it?

You pick up the DERRINGER and reload it, slipping it into one of your pockets. No reason why. Just feels like the right thing to do.

You lift the HANDTRUCK and REFILLING KIT up the stairs and head inside. Really, it's the only place to go at this point. Yes.

(The DUCK watches approvingly.)

>Examine LOBBY


Andrew said...

No post Friday as I'm once more gone for the weekend!

I'm really enjoying this plotline. It's a little different than the previous ones, as I actually have some stuff planned out, but you guys still get to decide what Rhys does! Well... mostly.


CageyJay said...

Here's to hoping your weekend goes well!

Miracle of miracles, the DUCK approves of something. And Rhys looks a little annoyed at the prospect of lugging a handtruck around. There-there, Rhys; it's only part of your guise.

Shar said...

Pay no attention to the EVIL LAUGHTER recordings in the entryway.

Anonymous said...

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