Wednesday, November 10, 2010

220 - Query the DEAD

You drop your last COIN into the slot and clearly state your QUESTION for the DEAD:

RHYS: Charlemagne Belial! How did you die?

The MADAM NADIYA MACHINE lurches to life, its mechanical gears and wires grinding into motion. The eyes roll, the mouth gives a pale impression of silent speech, and the head lolls uncomfortably. It looks... painful.

With a final whirring gasp, a FORTUNE CARD spits out of the slot and the machine returns to stillness.

Huh. How did he die?

That... was not worth it.

An ominous VOICE speaks up in your EAR. Thankfully, it's just SERGEANT NJÖRÐR through your EARPIECE.

SN: You weren't talking to me, right?
RHYS: No, Sergeant. I was just trying to speak with the spirit of a handless corpse out here.
SN: A corpse? Carry on.
RHYS: Carrion he may be, but that's still mean to say!

>Prepare for INGRESS


Shar said...

Keep RED RUBBER STOPPER handy to prevent either MYSELF or some kind of SCREAMING SONIC MONSTER from SCREAMING.

Gather RESOLVE and enter the HAUNTED HOUSE.

Mike R said...

Play voxco recording. brace for creppy noises.

Nash said...

See if you can get Madam Nadyas head to keep moving more.

Unknown said...

Use any vending-machine tools from the van to crack open the machine, and get your money back. Err... service the machine.


Flip her machine over, angrily.

CageyJay said...

"Lucky numbers," huh?

Maybe listen to AUDIO RECORDER, with finger on the STOP BUTTON.
Retrieve RESTOCKING KIT and 1 UNIONJA from the TRUCK.
Follow Shar's suggestion.