Thursday, November 4, 2010

216 - Look at the MAP

What the heck? Glancing around, it looks like the MAP is accurate, but what are all these scribbled COMMENTS? Did COLONEL FERRIS just hand out copies of his own marked-up MAP? Geez. It looks like he wants his FORT to be a family-friendly AMUSEMENT PARK celebrating robotic rebellion against the UNION STATES. Dang. That's pretty crazy.

OK, so there are five four VENDING MACHINES. One is in the MESS HALL, one is in the OFFICER'S QUARTERS, one is in the... HAUNTED HOUSE, and one is in "MY CONSERVATOIRE." The deranged man's ultra top-secret war room could be anywhere, but seriously, it's probably in that CONSERVATORY, the "ANGER DOME."

Man, he sucks at MS PAINT. And spelling.

SERGEANT NJÖRÐR pipes up in your ear piece. "Where to, Marshall?"

>Head to the HAUNTED HOUSE


CageyJay said...

*Shudders* As a cartographer, please let me commend you on an awesome rendition of a horrible map: my old professors would be having conniptions for all the right reasons.

Hurrah for the pond! Thanks for adding that in there last minute.

Go to HAUNTED HOUSE. (If we need to, we can get Col. Fer. on Rhys' side by checking it's haunted status for him.)

Andrew said...

Well... OK. Haunted house it is!

CageyJay said...

You don't have to... others may weigh in with better "commands." My preference tends toward exploring an environment. P'r'aps you or the others prefer the direct route. *Shrugs.*

Andrew said...

I like the Haunted House idea. In fact, since no one else is saying anything, I'm gonna make it into a complicated environment exploration mission thing.

And it will be awesome!

And probably not up until Sunday!