Wednesday, October 13, 2010

202 - Take INVENTORY

You decide to get CRACKING!

In order to get a disguise, you... undress the DOCTOR (shudder) and dump his unconscious body into the VAT, making sure to keep his mouth above the surface. Judging by his current state, you meta-guess that you have between six and ten turns until he wakes up. Unfortunately, you can't hook him up to the MULE VISION EXTRACTOR to watch his dreams; aside from the fact that you ripped out most of the needed ELECTRODES, you realize that a subject probably needs to drink some MULE KICK HALLUCINOGENIC VISION POTION for there to be any visions to extract. Bummer. You also grab SKEETER'S HAT which, along with the DOC'S CLOTHING, completes a wonderful MULE KICK EMPLOYEE DISGUISE!


You use the CANE to knock down your WICKED AWESOME SUIT, the PARACHUTE and the HIKING PACK. You rifle through your WICKED AWESOME POCKETS. Dang. Looks like they took your GUN, your TRAP, your SCRABBLE TILES and your PEANUT DEUS EX MACHINA MACHINE. Luckily, you still have your TOOTHBRUSH and RED RUBBER STOPPER. These you put into your MULE KICK DISGUISE POCKETS, filling up two of four. Looks like this outfit doesn't have as many pockets as your suit....

Still, better pack these pockets full! You snatch up the SAUCY MAGAZINE and HANGER from the floor and cram them into your remaining POCKETS. (Your WICKED AWESOME SUIT will not fit into a pocket, but you do manage to fit your WICKED AWESOME HANDKERCHIEF into your DISGUISE.) You equip the CANE to your HANDS. Despite your highest OPES, it appears to be a completely normal cane.

What else have we got? Looking around the room, you finally take STOCK of your surroundings in a traditional manner.

You are in a HELICOPTER COMPARTMENT aboard a VERY LARGE MULE KICK CORPORATE HELICOPTER. There is a DOOR FORE which is locked but has a very small BULLET HOLE in it, too small to fit much of anything through. There is also a DOOR AFT which is open; PIERCE is back there and you're not sure if your DISGUISE would fool him. There is a GOOEY VAT in the corner with a SLEEPING NAKED DOCTOR stuffed into it. A MUG sits atop the VAT MACHINE. In the opposite corner of the compartment is a dead GUARD named SKEETER, whose HAT you have liberated. His body holds nothing of interest. On the WALL behind you is a VIEWSCREEN which looks to be able to contact various CONTACTS. Beside that is a DOOR which, if opened, would lead to the SKY and (if given some time and 9.8m/s/s of acceleration) the GROUND. On the FLOOR in front of the DOOR is your WICKED AWESOME SUIT (which retains its form, possibly due to unconscionable amounts of STARCH), a HIKING PACK (which would give you two LARGE INVENTORY POCKETS), and a PARACHUTE. As far as you can tell, you are in transit to a MULE KICK AIRSHIP called the "MKC Sarsaparilla."


What do you do?

>Enjoy the breeze


CageyJay said...

Oh, no! There is a hole in the door fore? That kills any chance of escape: open the sky door and Pierce rushes in to get Rhys; decide to approach Pierce, and Rhys has to use the packed parachute to stop any bullets, which renders the parachute unhelpful for its original duty because there is a large chance of it not deploying. *Scowls.* Opening the sky door would be the worst option, because it would cause a whistle in the cabin fore, too.

Equip PARACHUTE to other hand.
Hook MUG with CANE.
Call PIERCE with VIEWSCREEN while staying out of view.
Quickly enter CABIN AFT while PIERCE is distracted with his viewscreen.
Club PIERCE with MUG on CANE.

...and if anyone else is in the cabin aft, die. Or improvise. Rhys is good at improvisation, right?

Or Rhys could wait for the DUCK to save him. That would be more likely to work.

Shar said...

Wear PARACHUTE and investigate DOOR FORE by putting eye to BULLET HOLE.

CageyJay said...

Good point, Shar. But use SLEEVE to wipe away BLOOD around HOLE first.

CageyJay said...

Ooohh... definitely have to follow Shar's suggestion. Pierce shot through DOOR FORE. Unless this VLMKC HELICOPTER is VL-enough to have a second storey, DOOR FORE will lead toward a cockpit. What if it IS the cockpit, and Pierce hit something vital, like a PILOT or an AUTOPILOT? That could determine whether Rhys has time to attempt an INVENTORY retrieval or just enough time to escape unscathed.