Wednesday, October 27, 2010

210 - Discuss PLAN

You opt to hold off on the HIGH FIVE, instead choosing to disclose the basics of OPERATION TROJAN MULE!

In summary: Using your MULE KICK DISGUISE, you'll drive a MULE KICK TRUCK into FORT FERRIS under pretense of restocking the FORT'S SODA MACHINES while the SOGGY NINJA and his UNIONJA ALLIES hide in the BACK. Once the TRUCK is safely inside, well, you can figure that out once you're inside.

SOGGY NINJA loves the plan. He hops on his RADIO and calls his team's "PROCURER" to grab a MULE KICK TRUCK.

Oh, man, you're so excited! Your DISGUISE fits into the plan sooooooo perfectly! Is it HIGH FIVE time? No... not yet.... You keep yourself busy by combining your HANGER and TOOTHBRUSH to make a BRUSHERHANG (a wire hanger boomerang with a toothbrush sticking out). It doesn't look very effective....

The SOGGY NINJA (whose name you keep meaning to ask) tells you the TRUCK should arrive within a TURN or two and asks if you have any questions about anything (at all) while you wait.



Andrew said...

In addition to suggesting questions for the SOGGY NINJA, tonight is the final night for costume ideas!

Halloween costumes for: ALAN!

(Also, be sure to vote for Cad's costume in the right column poll!)

CageyJay said...

Ah! At last! But so many questions, so few turns... Question Suggestions:
--What catastrophe happened that put Rhys in a Darwinian refuge, anyway?
--What occurred that made such a habitable world after the original disaster?
--In detail, what's the political geography of wicked awesome world?
--What does the Unionja know about FORT FERRIS, COL. FERRIS,and the CONFEDERBOTS? (Including, maybe, whether such creatures do consume MULE KICK or not.)
--What could possibly cause someone to go randomly temporospatially hopping?
--What is the SOGGY NINJA's name? And would he like to dry off?
--Does he have any BREAD to feed the DUCK swimming in the POND?

Alan Costumes:
Dr. Frankenstein
Frankenstein's Monster
Bride of Frankenstein
Marty McFly (Back to the Future)
Vlad the Impaler

Mike R said...

Seen any teddy boars recently?

Brain(ala pinky and the brain)
Doc Oc
the invisible woman.

Unknown said...

Lament that Teddy Boar probably won't recognize you, you've gained so many pixils since when he saw you last...

Nash said...

Mister Fantastic
Senor Cardgage
Sherlock Holmes