Sunday, October 24, 2010

207 - Stick the LANDING

With the SUN set behind the MOUNTAINS, night has fallen. (But you haven't fallen! You stuck the LANDING! Your DIGNITY is fully restored!)

Your current position is behind a large BOULDER somewhere in the DESERT. In the distance is a FORT, a fort which you can safely assume is FORT FERRIS, your current destination. How fortuitous! It is a large and foreboding area with high WALLS, several TOWERS, a building with several SMOKE STACKS and a building with LARGE RED WINDOWS, possibly a CONSERVATORY of some sort. SMOKE billows (as it is wont to do) and deep THUMPING NOISES emanate from the facility. Shadowy FIGURES patrol the walls, too far away to make out in the dark.

In any case, you can rest assured: this is the base of operations for COLONEL FERRIS and his CONFEDERBOTS.

A ROAD stretches from the FORT past your BOULDER and into the DESERT. On the other side of the BOULDER is a small POND, more like a WATERING HOLE, really.

Your PARACHUTE has been rendered useless; you have no idea how to repackage it anyway. You have set down the BACKPACK which still holds your SUIT and CANE. Your pockets still bulge with the HANGER, SAUCY MAGAZINE, RED RUBBER STOPPER, and TOOTHBRUSH.

After you admire the freaking beautiful scenery, what will you do?



Andrew said...

All right! Something special this week. In addition to normal plot suggestions, I'll be asking for Halloween costume suggestions for each main character, with a poll the following day for y'all to pick from amongst the choices. Feel free to make several suggestions (if you want), and I'll pick the ones I like best for the poll (probably five or so, if there are that many).

Today, suggest Halloween costumes for: RHYS O'CALLAHAN

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Stick the red rubber stopper in the BREATHING TUBE of the NINJA in the pond.

Nash said...

Guybrush Threepwood

CageyJay said...

Rhys O'Callahan, perfect ten. (Pity the Olympic Gymnastics Committee doesn't award those anymore.)

That is definitel wicked beautiful scenery. The first section of stockade must have been murder to draw out. And rocks and windows can be bloody difficult, especially at night. Nice work.

Chad had a good turn suggestion. And if the tube happens to be something that takes the stopper out of Rhys's reach, that simply obviates the need to pursue a diplomatic solution. If the tube doesn't go anywhere, Rhys can simply take the stopper back (he'll need it if he meets up with Cad).

Costume Suggestions:
Rhys as James Bond
Rhys as a Ghost Buster
Rhys as John Wayne or Clint Eastwood
Rhys as Tobias Grimwalt
Rhys as a Roman
Rhys as a Viking
Rhys as a Welsh Dragon
Rhys as King Graham (King's Quest)

Matt said...

Rhys as Carson Fenmaril

CageyJay said...

*definitely. Tidiculous rypo.

Alternate suggestion:
Rush the compound swinging the background cactus, a la