Tuesday, October 26, 2010

209 - Greet NINJA

RHYS: Howdy, ninja partner!

The SOGGY NINJA climbs mostly out of the POND. He eyes your DISGUISE warily.

SN: A Mule Kick employee? Yeah, I guess that'd make you the kind of guy to plug a fella's air tube.
RHYS: What? Oh, no, this outfit is just the result of a complicated series of events which culminated in disguise and subterfuge, followed by escape from a soon-to-explode helicopter.

(Somewhere in the DISTANCE, a HELICOPTER explodes.)

You present your MARSHAL(L)'S BADGE.

RHYS: I'm a MARSHAL. (Or is it "MARSHALL"?)
SN: (Two L's, I think.)
RHYS: (OK, I'll use two.) I should tell you, I strongly approve of your patriotism.
SN: Ah, thank you.
RHYS: But that doesn't mean I automatically assume you're from the CIA.... Are you from the CIA? Or the FBI? MJ12?
SN: No, no. I'm a Union Ninja.
RHYS: A... Unionja?
SN: Ah, you've heard of us! Excellent. President Rapsknuckle dispatched me and my team to deal with these Confederbots. Wait. What brings you out here to the Fort, Marshall?
RHYS: Hmm? Oh, a local blacksmith sent me to take out Colonel Ferris.
SN: Fair enough. My team is here to do the same thing.
RHYS: That. Is. Awesome.

You shuffle awkwardly. There may be a HIGH FIVE situation here.... but you can't be sure!

>Discuss PLAN


Andrew said...

OK, normal suggestions (not just about possible high fives) and Halloween costumes for: CADUNGERY MUFFINBOTTOM III!

Matt said...


CageyJay said...

Offer to let the Unionja(ck?)s in on operation TROJAN MULE if they can use their connections to get you a MULE KICK SUPPLY TRUCK. Because COL. FERRIS would never run his CONFEDERBOTs on ROKKIT JUICE, ergo the FORT FERRIS vending machines and soda fountains need to be restocked at some point.

Cad Costumes:
King Louis XIV
A Ghostbuster
Hulk Hogan

Kyle said...

I would like to second a vote for "The Cheat"

Mike R said...

discuss intel and assault strategies. get really excited that your costume fits PERFECTLY into the plan and toss out a high five.

Staypuff Marshmallow man
The Hulk
Fat Albert

CageyJay said...

Rhys could pull some adventuring randomness. That's always fun. How about:


Nash said...

Ask the ninja's name! We have too many people without names (the mule kick doctor, the monocle pipe demon, the queen, the whale)

sumo wrestler