Tuesday, October 12, 2010

201 - Mumble... again...

You start mumbling again in an effort to draw the DOCTOR back towards the VAT. Hey, it worked the first time, so why not? Thinking quick, you draw on your considerable COOL NERD KNOWLEDGE for a mumble-prophecy topic.

RHYS: (Mumbling) ph'nglui mglw'nafh cthulhu r'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

The DOCTOR draws near, straining to hear your odd and twisted mutterings.

RHYS: That is not dead which can eternal lie... and with strange aeons even... death... may...

The DOCTOR leans in even closer.

RHYS: Die!

You grab the DOCTOR and pull him into the VAT, holding him under the surface of the GOO just long enough to knock him out, but not long enough to kill him. You're not a MURDERER, after all. You're a MARSHAL. If possible, you'll try to keep the SENSELESS MURDER to a minimum. Semi-random VIOLENCE and general HAVOC are still more or less cool by you, though.

Ah. It feels good to be out of that VAT. There's a cool, cool BREEZE. Ah.

Too bad about SKEETER, though. Better think of a new plan before the same thing that happened to him happens to you.



Anonymous said...

Wicked Awsome Suit = GO! also, aquire guard uniform..... hmm.... look around room for stuff to "use"

Anonymous said...

Keep enjoying that breeze. (It's a little something for the ladies.)

CageyJay said...

Look! It's a WHAT DUCK!

Quietly drag DOCTOR out of view of DOOR AFT.
Quietly take CANE/SHILLELAGH, and use CANE/SHILLELAGH to retrieve ARM-- er, WICKED AWESOME SUIT. Also hook down PARACHUTE and HIKING PACK.
Quietly loot SKEETER. (Rhys may be a MARSHAL, but SKEETER clearly violated the law by willfully detaining a lawman. Inheritance cannot apply for men executed in the line of criminality.)

Anybody have any ideas on how long GOO consumption will knock the DOCTOR out?

Shar said...

Take DOC's clothes so you can INFILTRATE MULE KICK (or at least not be shot at a bare glance by PEARCE). Put DOC in the VAT to get some COOL PROPHECIES that will play out in the rest of the narrative. Keep WICKED AWESOME SUIT in a pocket for later. See if its pockets still contain your belongings.

Anonymous said...

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