Wednesday, October 20, 2010

205 - Banzai!

You're still over the DESERT, or at least A DESERT. While you've never skydived before, you figure you'll be able to pick your landing zone within some degree of accuracy, so it would be good to see what you have to pick from.

To the WEST is a large MOUNTAIN RIDGE. In its NORTH region there is a VOLCANO with lots of visible LAVA (And additional invisible MAGMA, probably! -Alan). Further down the RIDGE is what appears to be a small SETTLEMENT near a TRAIN STATION. Even further SOUTH, on the other side of the RIDGE is some kind of FOREST or SOMETHING. It isn't entirely clear. To the NORTH-EAST is some sort of FORT, but you can't tell any more about it from this height.

The GROUND isn't gonna stay so far away forever. Better pick a LANDING ZONE! Quick!

>Steer for the FORT


Andrew said...

Make sure to vote in the poll in the right column, available for only one day only! Feel free to support your cause here in the comments, but I'll be going by the poll.

obes said...

As per COMIC 92, Rhys had decided to head to FORT FERRIS. this fort must clearly be that FORT FERRIS

CageyJay said...

I have my doubts, Obes. FORT FERRIS should be round, or have some iron-works. Still, given that the vast majority of the map contains the leeward side of an orogeny, Rhys is probably going to encounter some high-altitude winds pushing him in the FORT's direction, possibly experienced twice if he catches an updraft from the volcano while his parachute is open.

It would be nice to land by the train station to pick up some clues about the situation at FORT FERRIS before hand, rather than potentially dropping uninvited into the main square. Nothing says "outsider" to a small community like arrival in an eccentric manner wearing corporate sponsorship.

Unknown said...

The voting is awesome, btw.