Thursday, October 7, 2010

199 - Take INVENTORY

First things first. You need to take INVENTORY. Wait, no, you need to take "inventory." Your actual INVENTORY may be harder to procure. What do you have? Modesty levels: Very low. Dignity levels: Slightly less low, but still pretty low. Hope levels: None. You have no HOPE. You don't even have OPE anymore since your SCRABBLE TILES are nowhere to be seen.

The DOCTOR (not that THE DOCTOR) looks tired. His conversation with LARS wasn't exactly a pep talk.

DOC: You zere, guard. It is "Skeeter," ja?
DOC: I'm going to take fünf.
SKEETER: Don't forget to punch out.
DOC: Punch out?
SKEETER: Yeah, if you don't punch out they'll dock your pay.
DOC: You dummkopf! I'm a salaried employee!
SKEETER: Whatever, man. Not my problem.

The DOCTOR sighs and starts heading for the AFT DOOR (the one beside your comfy VAT).

DOC: Let me know if his readings change.
SKEETER: Whatever.

Maybe it's time to launch a cunning plan.... and you have just the one in komf! Er, just the one in mind!



CageyJay said...

Whew, drastically low supplies of modesty and dignity; have to preserve at least one. Since the dignity supply is higher, it may take a hit more easily. And no hope at all, though Rhys just had a dream, (Word of God) he has a plan, and we're pretty sure he has some wishes. 3/4 isn't bad. *Cracks knuckles.* OK. Suggestion:

Wait until DOCTOR leaves CABIN. (Without HOPE, RHYS should PLAN that the DOC won't notice the DREAM STATE STATUS.)

Groggily mention to SKEETER a desire to check TRAP left in Wicked Awesome Suit for BOOBIES. (Given the wanton delight Skeeter takes in hot & spicy sauces, he might have an interest in the odd booby, too.)

Alternate suggestion:
Swipe CANE as DOCTOR goes by.
Attempt to access SHILLELAGH/BATA skills conferred by NAME.

Mike R said...

wait until doctor is close, kick purple goo into his eyes, jump up, grab MULEKICK MUG and fling it at the guard, attempting to brain him. take stock of results!