Thursday, January 27, 2011

260 - Go EAST

You are in an ARCADE ROOM. There are four ARCADE MACHINES: "Curly's Combat Curling Challenge," "KILL'R MOOSE," "Super Fireball Smash & Grab," and "Galactic Exploder!". There is also a PING PONG TABLE (sometimes known as a TABLE TENNIS TABLE and sometimes (less often) known as a ANALOG VIDEO PONG TABLE). MANNY has apparently delivered the DRINK he was carrying and is standing by. The short FEZ SKELETON is playing GALACTIC EXPLODER!, watched by the WHITE DRESS SKELETON. The SFS&G MACHINE is being played by some kind of... PUMPKIN-HEADED FELLOW (species previously un-encountered). Off-screen to the EAST is a large GLOWING PORTAL.

Visible exits are WEST (back to the BAR), NORTH into the MEN'S ROOM, NORTH into the WOMEN'S ROOM (and you can't go in there!), and EAST.



DoomSayer said...

Is anyone else insanely curious how 4C would work?

DoomSayer said...

Pick up a pingpong ball and paddle. You can always use a pingpong ball and a paddle.

Unknown said...

Check your pants pockets for some VM, or tokens.

Anonymous said...

Examine PORTAL