Thursday, January 6, 2011

251 - Light CANDLES

It's not really a proper SHRINE if only one of the CANDLES is lit, so you pick up the MATCHBOOK and carefully light the rest of the CANDLES. You hear a faint "click" from somewhere above you. You check the MATCHBOOK and find that it's from the DEATH'S HEAD PUB, and comes complete with a picture of DEATH'S HEAD, which is obviously an appropriate MOTIF.

You check your LEVELS of belief in supernatural phenomena. Ah, they're much higher than most people might anticipate. After all, once you've seen one army of MAGICALLY ANIMATED CORPSES, you've seen them all. After such proof, belief is de rigueur (mortis). Ah ha. Ah ha ha ha. Ha. Oh, that was a good one, Alan. Quite good. Ha.



CageyJay said...

So Alan's probably not going to fight against his players where ghosts, etc. are concerned. Good to know.

"Click"?! Just on GP, since this is kind of our MO:


Anonymous said...


DoomSayer said...

Now youve done it. Test the steps for traps and go up.