Friday, January 21, 2011

256 - Perform a BAR TRICK (Part 2!)

>Check behind PICTURE


obes said...

the light from the pickle is like the light from the sun, and it kills all the undead it touches.

Chican said...

The bartender seems to like the trick... or maybe that's a polite smile. It would have worked better with the lights out.

Exlode the pickle or explain yourself to Patience, Alan.

Unknown said...

Hmm... yeah. Obes is on to something.

Quickly flip channels until you find one with something holy on it. That'll make the Pickle radiate positive energy!

CageyJay said...

Hmm. That could be something, too, Chad. But are we talking killing off the skeletons (they've been rather cooperative so far) or luring back the zombie and killing it off?

I'm amazed the television is still working. Alan is awesome.

Since he's up on the bar, anyway:


CageyJay said...

*Mumbles.* FYI, I like the fluorescing pickle trick. It's darned cool when you ignore the smell, and it's possible to build an orange-scale picture out of pickles with different brine contents if you arrange them by rows and columns.

...Patience probably wouldn't be flattered by a portrait of her in fluorescent pickle.

Maybe the skeletons would like it better if Alan tried tying a cherry stem with his tongue. They don't have tongues, after all.

CageyJay said...

Henry, the smoking patron, and the large patron are all lined up like dominoes, now. Alan could probably kick them over, if he wanted to be unwelcome in the bar.

Perhaps Alan should slink off to the bathrooms or arcade and see if there's anything there except for the zombie.

Andrew said...

So many suggestions! Comic up Monday.