Thursday, January 6, 2011


You scoop up the CHEW TOY and dump it into a POCKET. This seems like a good time to investigate your INVENTORY. Your RHYS COSTUME is fairly accurate, and thus has the same number of pockets: six. That's a bit restrictive, but it's hardly an insurmountable obstacle.
  3. HAIR GEL and a half-empty VIAL OF RED HAIR DYE (for your disguise), VIAL OF ACID, two EMPTY VIALS.
  4. MATCHBOOK (Death's Head Pub)
  5. CHEW TOY (Red)
  6. [Empty]
Looks like you're done here. You step over the DEAD SKELETAL RHYS and check the STAIRS for TRAPS. You wish you had some DICE with you so you could roll a SEARCH check. Finding nothing, you dutifully troop up the stairs--- Like a Rhys!

What's waiting for you up there?


Nash said...

Find skelitons

Anonymous said...

That closet by death's picture, and someone wanting to bash Rhys head in.

CageyJay said...

Hmm. Alan seems like a defensive character, so I'm going to assume that VIAL OF (8 molar hydro-sulfuric?) ACID is his weapon, unless he has a scalpel secreted somewhere on his person. Though, hair gel hardens because the (positive) polymers bind themselves to the (negative) amino acids in hair while the water carrier evaporates away... perhaps both the ACID and the HAIR GEL should be kept out, in case Alan needs to build a quick ladder up a wall...
But then there's also alcohol in hair gel, so it would be useful with the MATCHES if Alan needs to set something on fire for a particular duration.

Oh, this'll be fun.

If we didn't get turned around by Rhys' fall, Alan will be coming up under the not-so-grand-but-still-serviceable STAIRCASE. If we did get turned around, he'll be emerging into some sort of chamber behind the Confederbot's booth, which would probably have all sorts of gruesome mechanicals in it.

Unknown said...

We fell at least ten panels. No way we're back up to where we came from yet.

I would say a dusty old bar (Death's Head Pub), with potentially active robartender.

Also, equip the CHEW TOY in case the big scary ass undead dog attacks.

CageyJay said...

So you'd say this room is not the Zommelier's wine cellar, Chad? With the bad rose (row-zay) and the brain vintage, I thought it was. Assuming the Zommelier is not a shambling zombie but an "I Am Legend"-swift zombie, getting down and back with new wine as swiftly as he did would still take considerably fewer than ten panels. Split the difference and say five?

Definitely agreeing with the idea of equipping the CHEW TOY.