Saturday, January 8, 2011

253 - Equip CHEW TOY

You equip the CHEW TOY on your way up the STAIRS, wary of DEMON DOGS, HOUNDS OF THE BASKERVILLES, and SMALL YAPPY DOGS. When you reach the top, however, you find that this precaution is quite unnecessary.

The STAIRS from the WINE CELLAR lead into some sort of UNDERWORLD BAR, possibly the "DEATH'S HEAD PUB". Several SKELETONS are standing around, along with a ZOMBIE and a WITCH in red.

Some MATCHBOOKS like the one in your POCKET lie on a pile on the BAR, near some MARTINI GLASSES and a purple TEA POT. A REMOTE CONTROL sits on a BAR STOOL, probably the controller for the TELEVISION on the wall (which currently shows a test pattern). Also on the wall are two SWORDS and a picture of DEATH'S HEAD. Three MULE KICK CANS of various types sit above the DOORWAY to more STAIRS. On the BARREL-TABLE in the lower right sits a SONIC SCREWDRIVER, a SALT SHAKER and a PEPPER SHAKER.

Exits are WEST (down the STAIRS you just used), NORTH (past the DAPPER SKELETON and up more STAIRS) and EAST (down another HALLWAY).

>Talk to WITCH


Unknown said...

Announce that you are going to perform a bar trick!

Mix mule kicks, with salt, under heat, mixing with the screwdriver (or whatever will cause an 'splosion).

Toss it over the bar, then duck behind it.

CageyJay said...

SAY "Hello. I'm Alan. What's your name?"

It's possible we may have to lure that ZOMBIE away from the hallway, preferably without Alan's brain coming into the whole thing. Maybe we can mix a drink? That brain vintage is downstairs, and we've got some sort of acid... amino?