Wednesday, January 5, 2011

250 - Replace RHYS

Finally! Everything is back to normal so that general exploration and shenanigans can continue.

With any luck, no one will even notice you're not actually RHYS O'CALLAHAN. Your DISGUISE is perfect, after all.

What shall we do... Rhys...?

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CageyJay said...

Whew. Vacations can really take it out of a person. *Catches up.* We get to play as an Alan, now? Sweet. I wonder what the skill differences are.


Or CHECK LEVELS of belief in supernatural phenomena.

Still thinking about that candle, since it is opposite the chandelier. Given the knocked-over bottle, perhaps the rats were having a candlelight dinner with the only foodstuff available until Rhys threw down the pretzels. Perhaps it would be safe to light all of the candles.

Hmm. Alan's wearing blue contacts.