Tuesday, December 14, 2010

238 - Solve PUZZLE

Bah. This RIDDLE is almost a waste of your talents. You pocket the SCRABBLE TILES for L, C, E, A, D, and R since you don't really need them for the solution and pop them into your PRETZEL BAG. It was half empty before, so there's plenty of room. Then place the M TILE alone on the the first SLOT of the PUZZLE.

You hear a CLICK.

A SECRET FREAKING DOOR opens in the CLOSET and a DAPPER SKELETON in a FEDORA and BOW TIE peaks out. It looks like this SECRET DOOR leads to some previously unseen region of the HAUNTED HOUSE which may help you understand the SINISTER SECRETS behind its---

Wait. Why is the ZOMMELIER chuckling?

You hear a second CLICK.


RHYS: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

You are now falling down a DEEP PIT. Exits are UP (currently inaccessible) and DOWN. Could this be the END for you? What is coming up below? How will you survive? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT???

>Land... SAFELY?


CageyJay said...

Be... dead?

If it holds, look down SHAFT with FLASHLIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Fondly remember hand-truck. You knew him well.

Anonymous said...

Throw pretzels down. Hope they land fast enough to make a starving rat pile to land on. Shoot gun to scare away surviving rats.

Anonymous said...

Cliffhanger! Or cliff-faller! Cut to someone else.

Shar said...

Combine remaining scrabble tiles to summon a soft CRADLE to land in.

Anonymous said...

Prepare to build the machine Jet found Rhys operating in the vent system.

DoomSayer said...

Don't worry. The spikes will catch us on the way down.

obes said...

He is saved at the last moment by Teddy Boar and Magic 8-Ball.