Wednesday, December 1, 2010

230 - Grab a FLASHLIGHT

You double back to the LOBBY and ask the CONFEDERBOT for the FLASHLIGHT and BATTERIES that were back behind the COUNTER. After a bit of a debate, you convince him to trade you the NEEDED ITEMS in exchange for your SAUCY MAGAZINE. Man, that thing is useful for trading. And seemingly very little else.

You head back into the next ROOM with the FLICKERING FLASHLIGHT in hand. Time to look around.

You seem to be in some sort of ATMOSPHERIC FOYER. Points of interest include a ZOMBIE BUTLER, some PORTRAITURE (apparently of a CANDAEMON and... is that a PLAGUE DOCTOR?), a CHANDELIER, another VOXCO RECORDING, and a small TABLE with a DEAD VASE filled with WILTED FLOWERS. A set of STAIRS leads up to a higher level... but it's not really a grand staircase. Not really. There's also a DOOR to what you assume is a CLOSET (perhaps a spooky CLOSET) and another HALLWAY to the EAST.

You don't see a LIGHT SWITCH. Kinda seems like a design oversight.



Shar said...


CageyJay said...

The BUTLER's head already seems half-gone, so shooting him in it probably won't do much good if he takes a liking to Rhys.

Shar's right. Let's check out the spooky CLOSET. Or see if there's anything behind the PLAGUE DOCTOR PORTRAIT. Or look in the DEAD VASE to see if it contains anything other than WILTED FLOWERS, like VM or errant KEYs. Something had to kill the vase, after all, or it would be an UNDEAD VASE. (Poking fun purely at myself and my mis-wording.)

obes said...

disguise your movements from the zombie buttler by only moving while doing the dance from THRILLER.