Friday, December 17, 2010

241 - Wear FEDORA

You hop off your RAT and approach the FEDORA. It's a serviceable hat and you brush it off a bit. Nothing in it or on it aside from a bit of DUST. Seems safe. You set aside your MULE CAP and replace it with the FEDORA. Yeah. It's rather (haber-)dashing. It even matches your MULE KICK UNIFORM.

But as you wear the hat, things appear... a bit different.

The room's a cold hole, walls seeping damp secrets buried here below. Some rat's dead on the ground, some rat's mourning. That's the way it is here down here and no denying it.

So many things wrong that there's no right way to start figuring it out. A bottle's lying on its side, half drained. Who spilled it? It's the obvious question. Someone in a hurry knock it down, roll it across the floor? Someone with something to hide? If the rats know, they won't tell. Never will. It's just another mystery, and another one of them comes along every minute. If you stopped to figure 'em all then you wouldn't have time for a drink. And that would be a cryin' shame.

Two bottles of liquid amnesia sit on barrels by the stairs. One's got a lock--- why? What's it hiding? The other has a picture of a rose. A rosé? Don't know much about wine, don't care, either. A drink's a drink. You pop the red rubber stopper, dumping it on the floor. It won't be needed. But down here....

Down here you definitely need the drink.


Andrew said...

New poll to the right. Want the game to go into a film noir style for a couple of turns? Or do you think that's a bad idea? Either way, vote or die!

Anonymous said...

Go smoke out whatever lives in that hole in the wall, Sam Spade.

Shar said...

Look behind the PICTURE FRAME holding the portrait of the DOG (possibly a SCOTTISH TERRIER?). There may be another PUZZLE that can get you out of here.

Anonymous said...

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