Thursday, December 16, 2010

240 - Be... dead?

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

Man. Throwing those four PRETZELS down the PIT ahead of you in order to lure some VERY FAST STARVING RATS with which to cushion your landing was probably your BEST IDEA EVER. In retrospect, it was so obvious, too. For some reason, though, you totally expected a whole metric crap-ton of SPIKES.

In any case, you now find yourself in what appears to be a WINE CELLAR. Muted lights set into the high VAULTED CEILING provide soft but ample light. Two large CASKS are built into the wall, each unlabeled, but equipped with obvious SPIGOTS. A WINE RACK to your left contains many, many wines in individual CUBBYHOLES (or whatever WINE SNOBS call them. Those elitists. Probably call them something special like... WINE... HOLES....) with several other WINE BOTTLES scattered around the cellar. There are three BARRELS, untapped, as well as six WINE GLASSES around the room (RED WINE GLASSES, by the shape of them. Wait. Is that elitist to know? Are you a WINE SNOB?).

You are, of course, standing on the crushed remains of a large DEAD RAT (well, the crushed remains of a LIVE RAT, which is now dead.), which is amidst the remains of your four precious PRETZELS. Another large RAT lingers nearby. You briefly consider firing off a shot with your REVOLVER to scare him away, but he doesn't seem to be threatening you at the moment and you'd rather not waste the bullet. A brown FEDORA lies on the floor by the RACK. A PAINTING of a DOG is propped against a wall, a SQUEAKY TOY in front of it, along with SIX CANDLES, one of which is lit. A MATCHBOOK lies beside the PAINTING. On the other side of the PAINTING, a BOTTLE is spilled, and there is a small PUDDLE.

A DOORWAY leads to STAIRS which lead UP which leads... somewhere. Aside from the HOLE you came in by, this STAIRWAY seems the only way out.

You briefly lament the (hopefully temporary) loss of the HAND CART. Why must all your friends leave you? WHY???



Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

CageyJay said...

Phew! Thanks for doing a parallel universe again.

Six candles.... six candles, one lit.... The Chandelier. The flame is in the right place, if Rhys got spun around. There's a box of matches (or maybe single-M M&Ms). If Rhys lights the other five, it might completely light the entrance hall, or it could bring Brian back as a Baskerville Hound, given those claw marks. Hmm. *Weighs options.* Eventually, Rhys will have to light those candles, but let's do some other things, first.


Anonymous said...

Retrieve RED (RUBBER) CORK. Try to figure out what spilled the BOTTLE and made it roll.

DoomSayer said...

Open a spigot. Rhyse needs a drink.