Friday, December 24, 2010

245 - Explain YOURSELF

You take off the FEDORA.

What... what just happened? You are quite confused and decide to give yourself a brief, non-noir SEMI-RHYMING RECAPITULATION.

You fell down a trapdoor and landed with a SPLAT. Your landing killed an unlucky RAT. Then you picked up and wore a sweet HAT. You drank bad ROSÉ and then you spat. Some RAT POLICE investigated the death and had you a CHAT. You bribed them but lost half your SCRABBLE TILES, oh drat! They departed after this small TIT FOR TAT. With guilt, you hit on the WIDOW RAT. You told her you'd find the killer (even though you were that crazy CAT). A skeleton fell down the stairs to the MAT, a double of you (but without any FAT)*. His head looked splintered, like hit with a BAT. And that brings you up to where you are AT.

>Briefly depart CANON

*This counted as finding the murderer in a strange, lawyerly way, because since it's a version of Rhys and Rhys killed the rat, then the Skeleton Rhys is kinda-sorta like the killer. Not really, but enough to pass in a very bad light. Like if it was really dark. Or, like, noir. Don't overthink it.

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