Friday, March 31, 2017

370 - Continue to ENTRY CHAMBER

With REFRESHING SODA in HAND (in blatant violation of the sacrosanct INVENTORY SYSTEM), you return to the ENTRY HALL. Yep, it's just like you left it. There's the HOURGLASS, the VINES, the BEDROLLS that you and the MERCENARY set up, the CAMPFIRE, the GIANT CARV-ED FACE, the EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL RIFT, the---

--Wait a TICK. Something's not right here.

Ah, I see the PROBLEM.

We're not supposed to be following the PRISONER. Let's go back to SOMEONE ELSE.

>Warn the OTHERS


Max W said...

Quantum leap into TIME PORTAL. Have an ADVENTURE

Ray Yaegle said...

Let's see the USELESS SCHOLAR.

Totally Not Ray said...

Let's see the PUPPY ROOM.

Tom said...


Unknown said...

Try and lose the BALL & CHAIN by tossing it into the RIFT.

Spareparts said...

Play a PRANK on the MERCENARY involving his BEDROLL and the REFRESHING SODA.