Friday, March 24, 2017

367 - Collect PAYMENT for TOUR

The SCHOLAR holds out his HAND expectantly for SWEET TOUR GUIDE PAYMENT.

His HAND remains resolutely empty. Disadvantageous! The TOUR GROUP has already begun moving on to the EXHIBITION HALLS to the NORTH.

The CAPTAIN is unhappy with the SCHOLAR'S performance as a tour guide, especially his failure to get paid upfront. So far, she is giving his TOUR GUIDERY one STAR out of five.

What do you do?



Spareparts said...

Check the FOOD COURT RESTROOMS for additional CHEESE and possibly the ANCIENT WEAPON.

Ray Yaegle said...

Follow the TOURISTS toward the EXHIBITION HALL. Continue AUTONOMOUS DRONING with HAND outstretched.

Anonymous said...

Split up! Scholar keeps giving the tour while Captain explores the food court!

Anonymous said...

Fire the SCHOLAR! Why is he even here if he doesn't know USEFUL THINGS?