Wednesday, March 22, 2017

366 - Guide TOUR

The CAPTAIN orders the SCHOLAR to guide a TOUR for the TOURISTS.

But... the SCHOLAR doesn't know a thing about the EXHIBITS in this ROOM!

They'll all think he's some kind of FRAUDULENT FRAUD frauding up some FRAUDS! Fakely!

Of course, there's always the SPECIAL TECHNIQUE that all ACADEMICS learn from their INSTRUCTORS. It's dangerous. It could potentially kill everyone in the ROOM. But when you need to sound smart at a moment's notice about a subject you're only half-familiar with, sometimes you need to put your BRAIN on automatic and just let the MOUTH do what it does.

The SCHOLAR puts down the PAN FLUTE.


It's go time.

It's super effective! Never before have so many words been used to say so little.

>Collect PAYMENT for TOUR


Anonymous said...

Continue to the EXHIBITION HALL with TOUR GROUP.

Ray Yaegle said...

Hold out HAND expectantly for VARIOUS MONIES.

Tom said...

Captain - demand PAYMENT upfront
Scholar - cast EXPOSITION BOMB