Monday, March 27, 2017

368 - Berate SCHOLAR

The SCHOLAR is not pulling his weight on this EXPEDITION. The CAPTAIN decides to give him his QUARTERLY REVIEW. In the "PRO" column, the SCHOLAR has survived thus far, doesn't eat very much, and [point three]. There are far more items in the "CON" column. Highlights from among the first twenty points are "kinda bad at tour guidery," "possibly doesn't know stuff," and "book takes up needless inventory space."

Recommendations for improvement? This will take some time. First thing, SCHOLAR--



Ray Yaegle said...

Return to ENTRY and get the PRISONER and MERCENARY. Explain that the SCHOLAR is now on a SOLO ADVENTURE. Proceed on quest with new ULTIMATE TRIO OF DESTINY​.

Tom said...

Screw THAT GUY. Head to FOOD COURT and get yourself a QUETZEL PRETZEL.

Unknown said...

No one around... Loot the donation box, buy pop, and use it to APOLOGISE.